Introduction to Mobile Development with PhoneGap

Yeah, it's pretty awesome.

What is PhoneGap?

An application container that allows you to build natively installed apps using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

How does PhoneGap work?

Build your UI with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Access native functionality through PhoneGap

Package your app for distribution

Why are we talking about PhoneGap?

You can easily build Salesforce apps with PhoneGap

In fact, the Salesforce Mobile SDK is built on top of PhoneGap

Or you can build PhoneGap apps with ForceTK.js

( JavaScript REST Toolkit)

Even Salesforce's Logger app and the Dreamforce app is built with PhoneGap.

Why use PhoneGap?

Have you ever tried to bulid an app that supports lots of platforms?


Is Now This

Write Once, Run Lots of Places

Why Else?

  • Lower barrier to entry
  • Reduced required developer skills
  • Reduced long term maintenance
  • Seamless integration with existing HTTP-based systems
  • Reusable assets between mobile and web properties

What does a PhoneGap app look like?

Anything, really

BBC Olympics

Zombie Jombie



Bit Timer

US Census Browser

Adobe SCInsight

Let's take a look at some apps...

Building PhoneGap Apps

Platform IDEs


Visual Studio


Debugging PhoneGap Apps

Web Developer Tools

open -a /Applications/Google\ --args --allow-file-access-from-files --disable-web-security

Safari, FireFox, and IE have similar developer tools

Remote Debugging


You can reuse existing skills & frameworks!

(and many more)

Make your apps feel like apps!

Make your data come alive!


What if you want more?

PhoneGap is extensible!

Who uses PhoneGap/Cordova?

Andrew Trice

Technical Evangelist
Adobe Systems