Data Visualization With Web Standards

You can do that?

Data Visualization

A visual representation of data and information

Why are we talking about this at Salesforce?


Flash used to be the only real way to have interactive data on the web

Google Finance

Times have changed

Not all mobile devices support Flash

HTML5 Capabilities have grown

Evolution Of The Web

OK, so how do you actually go about visualizing data?


<img src="myImage.png" />
  • Not Interactive
  • Requires Server Round Trip
  • No "WOW"

Example: Google Image Charts


  • Client Side Rendering
  • Programmatic Drawing API
  • Very Dynamic
  • Can work in offline scenarios

Example: RGraph


Scalable Vector Graphics

Browser market share, April, 2011MSIEFirefoxChromeSafariMSIE 6.0: 10.85%MSIE 7.0: 7.35%MSIE 8.0: 33.06%MSIE 9.0: 2.81%Firefox 3.5: 1.58%Firefox 3.6: 13.12%Firefox 4.0: 5.43%Chrome 10.0: 9.91%Safari 5.0: 4.55%Safari 4.0: 1.42%Opera 11.x:
  • Client OR Server Side Rendering
  • Static or Dynamic
  • Interactive via HTML DOM
  • Declarative or Programmatic

Examples: Highcharts, Sencha Touch Charts, Kendo UI Charts, Google Charts, D3


(W/ Creative Usage)


(not a standard yet)

Andrew Trice

Technical Evangelist
Adobe Systems