Emulating PhoneGap/Cordova Apps in the Desktop Browser

Earlier this month the PhoneGap team held the first PhoneGap day.  This was in part to celebrate the release of PhoneGap 2.0, but more importantly to bring together members of the PhoneGap community to share and learn from each other.   There are great recaps of PhoneGap Day from RedMonk, as well as on the […]

PhoneGap 2.0 Released

PhoneGap 2.0 has just been released!  This is a great step forward for PhoneGap, with a much improved developer experience. New and improved features in PhoneGap 2.0 include: Cordova WebView Command Line Tooling Enhanced documentation Web Inspector Remote (Weinre) ported to nodejs Cordovajs (Support for unified Javascript across platforms) Transition to Apache Cordova and nearing […]

Using Adobe Edge Animations As Components

You’ve probably heard of Adobe Edge, a timeline-based tool for creating interactive and animated HTML content. Edge enables you to easily create interactive experiences that rely only on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’ve used other Adobe Creative Suite tools, such as Flash Professional, Premiere, or After Effects, then Edge will probably look quite familiar. […]

Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

I’ll be speaking at a few conferences in the next few months on PhoneGap and web standards-based development.  Here are just a few, with some more pending.  Be sure to come check one out (or all of them)! RIACON www.riacon.com WHERE: Washington, DC WHEN: Aug 6-7, 2012 Where architects and developers of all levels come […]