AIR 3.2 & Flash Player 11.2 Release Candidates Available on Adobe Labs

AIR 3.2 and Flash Player 11.2 release candidates are now available for download on Adobe Labs. These latest versions have some exciting new features, including Stage3D for mobile devices, broader Stage3D support on desktop machines, multi-threaded video decoding, and better mouse support for gaming scenarios.   Get ready for some incredible mobile and desktop experiences powered by Adobe Flash & AIR.

You can read more about what’s new in Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2 on the Adobe Digital Media blog, or check out the videos below to see some of the new features in action.

AIR 3.2

Flash Player 11.2

Download AIR 3.2 and Flash Player 11.2 release candidates today!

You can also check out additional examples of AIR 3.2 features from fellow Adobe Evangelists: