Flex Accepted by Apache Software Foundation

In case you did not see the post on the Flex Team blog on Dec. 31st, it was announced that Flex has officially been accepted by the Apache Software Foundation.   You can view the Apache Flex proposal on the Apache incubator wiki at http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/FlexProposal.

Apache Flex allows developers to target a variety of platforms, initially Apple iOS, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X with a single codebase. Flex provides a compiler, skinnable user-interface components and managers to handle styling, skinning, layout, localization, animation, module-loading and user interaction management.

Just a bit of extra detail for you, all of which is available through Apache:

Initial goals of the Apache Flex incubation project:

  • Donate all Adobe Flex SDK source code and documentation to the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Setup and standardize the open governance of the Apache Flex project.
  • Rename all assets from Adobe Flex SDK to Apache Flex in project source code, docs, tests and related infrastructure.

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