HTML5 Dev Conf Wrap-up: Snap.svg, Visual Storytelling & PhoneGap

HTML5 Developer Conference just wrapped up in San Francisco, and it was a great event. There was a lot to see and hear from the entire HTML/JS community. Adobe showed off some amazing showcases of the work that is being done with rich layout on the web and released an awesome new SVG library, Snap.svg.  I also had two sessions on PhoneGap.

First, news and announcements from Adobe…


Adobe has released Snap.svg, the JavaScript SVG library for the modern web.  Snap.svg is focused on making the most out of everything that SVG can offer, including masking, clipping, patterns, gradients, groups, and much more.  It is definitely worth checking out.

Learn more at:

Check out a demo of Snap.svg in action below (the SVG shapes are interactive, so be sure to play around with them):

You can check out even more demos at, and see Snap.svg in use by PBS Kids.

Visual Storytelling with Rich Layout

Adobe’s web platform team also announced two new showcase experiences that demonstrate rich storytelling through expressive layout enabled by CSS Shapes, CSS Regions, and CSS Exclusions. These include an interactive experience with National Geographic and Baby Elephants, and a beautifully designed expressive interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. You can experience both of these examples with full source code from the Adobe Web Platform GitHub repository, but make sure you’ve enabled the cutting edge layout & graphical features.


My Sessions on PhoneGap

Last, but certainly not least, I had two sessions on PhoneGap: one an intro, and the other a more advanced architecture topic.  Thanks to everyone who came out for my sessions. You were a great audience, and there were tons of great questions. These sessions were recorded by the conference organizers, and will be available at a later date.

You can access my presentation slides in the links below; just use the space bar to advance each slide:

However, I must also apologize that a few of my samples in the “Getting Started with PhoneGap and Cross-Platform Mobile Development” did not work. I was connected to the network, but wasn’t able to receive any data, so I couldn’t access PhoneGap Build, or even add device features to a PhoneGap project from the command line tools.  I promise, these features do work when you’re on a reliable network connection. Go check out to learn more and get started today.

Update: The videos from my two sessions are now available online, be sure to check them out!

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