Live Editing HTML on Mobile Devices With Adobe Edge Code CC & Adobe Edge Inspect CC

inAdobe Edge Inspect CC is an awesome tool for synchronized browsing experiences across both desktop and mobile devices. It is incredibly powerful, and streamlines the developer & testing workflows by reducing iterations when testing HTML/JS experiences on multiple devices.

coAdobe Edge Code CC is an awesome code editor for creating HTML/JS experiences. It has a live connection to the browser, so you can see your edits in the browser in real time as you are editing your code… all without having to leave the code editor.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Adobe Edge Code CC could push updates to mobile devices leveraging Adobe Edge Inspect CC? Oh wait, what? It already can? YES, it can! This is one of the coolest new features in this week’s Creative Cloud release. You can edit your code in Edge Code CC, and preview your changes live, and in real time in both the desktop browser and on mobile devices. Take a look at the video below to see it in action:

OK, so how do you get it? Become a member of Creative Cloud… Membership does have its perks! This is available in all of the plans, even the free option. This plugin for Edge Code CC/Brackets is also open source. Know what else is cool about Adobe Edge Inspect CC? It has an open source JavaScript API that you can leverage to integrate your own apps into an Edge Inspect workflow or continuous integration environment. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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