MAX Sneaks Now Available!

Adobe MAX was a great opportunity to see the latest projects that Adobe has been working on. Not only are the keynotes and announcements exciting, but there is a lot that which doesn’t make it into the keynote. In addition, Adobe gives you a glimpse into the future with sneak previews of new software ideas, before they have made it into actual products. All of the “sneaks” from this year are now available on Adobe TV. There are some great examples of de-blurring images, creating 3D video from 2D video sources, audio/video synchronization, and much more.

Here are a few sneaks/enhancements specifically focusing around the Flash Platform:

Reverse Debugging in Flash Builder:

Near-Field Communications with AIR Native Extensions:

GPU Parallism with PixelBender:

“Monocle” Realtime Profiling:

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