PhoneGap 2.0 Released

PhoneGap 2.0 has just been released!  This is a great step forward for PhoneGap, with a much improved developer experience. New and improved features in PhoneGap 2.0 include: Cordova WebView Command Line Tooling Enhanced documentation Web Inspector Remote (Weinre) ported to nodejs Cordovajs (Support for unified Javascript across platforms) Transition to Apache Cordova and nearing […]

Upcoming Conferences & Presentations

I’ll be speaking at a few conferences in the next few months on PhoneGap and web standards-based development.  Here are just a few, with some more pending.  Be sure to come check one out (or all of them)! RIACON WHERE: Washington, DC WHEN: Aug 6-7, 2012 Where architects and developers of all levels come […]

Questions and Myths About PhoneGap

Last week I posted on the PhoneGap blog “Questions And Myths About PhoneGap“. It has a bunch of content, and if you’ve been wondering/ questioning the use of PhoneGap, you should definitely check it out. It covers: What is the difference between PhoneGap and Apache Cordova? Why is the PhoneGap Roadmap so short? How much does a […]

MegaList jQuery Plugin

I’ve been working on lots of different projects lately.  On several of them, I’ve had the need for a reusable list component.  In some cases, it needed to handle a large data set, in others it just needed to be self-contained and easy to use.   Out of these projects came MegaList: a reusable list […]

Lil’ Doodle Source Code Now Available

Back in January I released Lil’ Doodle, a children’s drawing application for the iPad built with PhoneGap.   Lil’ Doodle is meant for a simple sketch-and-erase experience similar to a children’s magnetic drawing toy, powered entirely by JavaScript and the HTML5 Canvas element.  You can see a video of it in action below: I’ve decided […]

Introducing the Fresh Food Finder, an open source PhoneGap application

The Fresh Food Finder is an open source mobile application built using PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) that helps users locate local farmers markets that are registered with the FDA.  You can search for specific markets, or find the closest markets to your current location.   Check out the video below to see it in action: It […]

Getting rid of the “Gray Box” in PhoneGap for Windows Phone

If you’ve ever used a Windows Phone device’s web browser, then you have probably noticed the gray highlight that the Windows Phone browser puts on top of the HTML content any time that you click on a link. For static web pages, this isn’t a big deal. It indicates that you have clicked on an […]

Transcript from Open Session on PhoneGap

Yesterday Raymond Camden and I hosted an open session on PhoneGap. It was an opportunity for the community (you) to ask us questions. There was a great turnout, and we’ll likely be hosting another one of these sessions in the near future. Thanks to everyone who attended!  Check these links to see the full Q&A […]

A Response to “Shell Apps and Silver Bullets”

There is an article floating around the web today, warning against “Shell Apps” and tools like PhoneGap.  The logic in this article has a few arguments that are misleading, and I’d like to introduce some counter arguments as they relate to PhoneGap and HTML experiences for comparison. The “Silver Bullet” First, the “Silver Bullet” argument… I have […]

Open Session on PhoneGap

Curious about PhoneGap? Have questions? Tomorrow, fellow Adobe Evangelist Ray Camden and I are hosting a 2 hour Adobe Connect session on PhoneGap. This will be an open session for your questions, not a presentation. The Connect URL is: The date/time is Tuesday 2PM EST to 4PM EST (11AM PST to 1PM PST).