Video: GoPro Cameras, Quadcopters & Creative Cloud

Last week I had the opportunity to present an incredibly fun topic to the DC/MD/VA Creative Professionals user group… GoPro Cameras, Quadcopters, and Adobe Creative Cloud.  Thanks to everyone who attended.  This topic is a personal interest of mine, and I had a great time.  There were great questions and great conversations all around.

For those who weren’t able to attend, here’s a video of the full 2-hour presentation.  The audio quality isn’t perfect, but you can still catch most of it:

My slides are available here:

Slides: GoPro Cameras, Quadcopterss & Creative Cloud
Slides: GoPro Cameras, Quadcopterss & Creative Cloud

Attribution: I included some images from the GoPro photo of the day gallery.

Here are a few quick links for getting started with Adobe Creative Cloud for producing video and photography content:

For those who were asking about my copter rig, here are the details on what I am flying:

  • Copter: DJI Phantom
  • Gimbal: Beholder Lite (details on my configuration – definitely requires some tuning)
  • FPV: KumbaCam – Great for a remote viewfinder, though the GoPro feed flickers when in time lapse photography mode.  I put it on a tripod at eye level so I can quickly glance between LOS and FPV viewing (FPV = First Person View). I use this as a remote viewfinder, not a primary flight mechanism, and never go beyond line-of-sight.
  • Case: Nanuk 940 – perfect size to fit the Phantom
  • Batteries – get lots of extras b/c you won’t want to stop flying!
  • Camera: GoPro Hero 3 Black

Without the gimbal and FPV, you’ll get about 12-15 mins of battery per flight.  With the gimbal and FPV, I get about 7-8 minutes per flight… I’m currently researching options to extend battery life & flight time.

You can definitely get bigger copters with a heavier lift capacity, but this configuration is great for getting started, and is designed specifically for the GoPro. Then, use Creative Cloud to polish your images and video.