Why I Love Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is absolutely incredible. Yes, I work for Adobe, so this may sound like a biased opinion, but even if I didn’t work for Adobe, I would say the same thing. “What’s so incredible?” you are wondering? Well, for starters, it has everything I need to bring a creative vision to life.


I can hear it now… you are thinking “That’s awfully vague.”  Let me try to provide some context…

My background and all of my formal education is in computer science and software development. My career has been focused on building great applications and immersive experiences for the end user. This has taken me on a perilous journey between the client and the server; from the depths of C/C++/Objective C, to the outer regions of JavaScript, from the early interactive web with Flash/ActionScript, to the innermost workings of Java, from countless acronyms, realtime data streams, and REST/web services on towards the future with the evolution web standards.

One thing that is common across all of these roles and languages is that you have to create assets to build your user interface.  Throughout my career, I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator to build the assets.  While my primary use case has been creating and manipulating assets for software, I occasionally would use other tools for other purposes.

Creative Cloud has everything that I need to execute on this workflow, plus more. A whole lot more.

Creative Cloud has everything I need to bring a creative vision to life.

For those cases where I need to switch roles and edit video, cleanup some audio, or retouch a series of images, I already have everything I could possibly need with Creative Cloud. Video tools, audio tools, print design tools, digital publishing tools, development tools… There’s something for everyone.

On occasion, I need to edit video.  Did you know that with Creative Cloud, you get THE BEST VIDEO EDITING WORKFLOW ON THE PLANET? No, that’s not a joke or an exaggeration. Avatar, Star Trek, Iron Man, Life of Pi, and many, many more movies and television shows leverage the Adobe toolchain to execute their creative vision.

Trying to recreate some of these movie visual effects is actually what inspired me to write this post. I was metaphorically “blown away” by the capability of everything I already had installed on my computer. The end result and video effects I’ll cover in my next post, but here’s a quick screenshot:


I’ve had an interest in art, photography, computer graphics, music, and audio production my entire life. I took my first Photoshop class back in the mid ’90s, and never looked back. I played in a band, and thought music and digital arts would be my entire life. Creative Cloud makes perfect sense to me. I get the tools I need on a daily basis, and so much more. Whatever I need, it’s there.

Update: that next post is live: Creative Cloud Helps Me Fulfill My Creative Vision