AIR 3.2 & Flash Player 11.2 Release Candidates Available on Adobe Labs

AIR 3.2 and Flash Player 11.2 release candidates are now available for download on Adobe Labs. These latest versions have some exciting new features, including Stage3D for mobile devices, broader Stage3D support on desktop machines, multi-threaded video decoding, and better mouse support for gaming scenarios.   Get ready for some incredible mobile and desktop experiences powered […]

Slides from “Introduction to Mobile Development with PhoneGap”

As promised, here are the slides from my presentation “Introduction to Mobile Development with PhoneGap” from the MobileDev@TU meetup last night. Many thanks to Towson University for hosting the event and inviting me to speak! You can download the slides here: Intro To PhoneGap Here are quick links from the presentation: Get started with PhoneGap today! […]

Adobe Roadmap for Flash Runtimes

To complement the white paper released last week covering the future of Flex and the transition to Apache, Adobe has released a white paper covering the the roadmap for the Flash and AIR runtimes. Flash is very much alive and well, and is continuing to evolve to be able to bring uncompromising rich experiences to […]

Repurposing PhoneGap Apps as Desktop Apps

I was inspired to write this post by several recent conversations.  I was in a debate about whether with the Flex/Flash platform you could easily repurpose content to the desktop using Adobe AIR (and vice-versa), but that you couldn’t easily do that with PhoneGap applications. (My stance was that yes, you could repurpose content.) I […]

Linked Source Files Across PhoneGap Projects on OSX

If you are manually building PhoneGap projects across multiple platforms, managing source files can sometimes become a little bit tricky. If you are building for Android, you need a project within Eclipse. If you are building for iOS, you need a project within Xcode. If you are building for both, you need to make sure […]

Adobe’s View of Flex & Future Commitment

Adobe has just published a white paper detailing current views and future commitments to Apache Flex. Included topics are contributions to Apache, commitments to the Flash platform, and commitments to Adobe customers.   I strongly recommend that all Flex developers and project stakeholders read this: Adobe’s view of Flex and its commitments to Flex in […]

“What is PhoneGap?” & Other Common Questions

While looking at the analytics for my blog, I’ve recently started to see a lot of search phrases similar to “what is phonegap?”, “how does a phonegap app look?”, “how to get started in phonegap?”, among many, many others.   In this post, I hope to shed some light on some basic questions to help […]

Fun Apps w/ PhoneGap

Here’s a silly/fun app I built ‘after hours’ using PhoneGap.   It is a children’s drawing app built entirely with the HTML5 Canvas element, using a PhoneGap wrapper, targeting the iPad.  I was inspired by magnetic drawing toys that I often use when drawing with my daughter, and this was really, really easy and a […]

Bleeding Edge HTML5, WebRTC & Device Access

The world is changing… and oh my, it is changing fast.   In the not-too-distant future, many capabilities that were exclusive to plugin-based content will be accessible to the HTML/JavaScript world without any plugin dependencies.   This includes access to media devices (microphone and camera), as well as real time communications.   You might be […]