Heard of the Creative Cloud Packager?

The Creative Cloud Packager is a tool for CC Enterprise and CC Team customers that enables them to easily package Creative Cloud products and updates for deployment within their organizations.  It lets you select specific Creative Cloud products and/or updates and package them into .pkg or .msi installers (optionally with a serial number for Enterprise customers).  These packages can then be deployed on their own or integrated with third-party deployment tools like JAMF Casper or Microsoft SCCM.  The Creative Cloud Packager even lets you control Creative Cloud update behaviors and more.

With the recent releases of Creative Cloud Packager, you can now edit existing deployment packages, create deployment packages from local media (DVDs), and even create deployment packages for older (CS6) creative applications, if you have the proper license.

Want to learn more about the Creative Cloud Packager or get specific information on deployment package details? Do not miss the Creative Cloud Packager help documentation.

If you’re looking for an overview, don’t miss these videos covering the Creative Cloud Packager for both Enterprise and Team customers.

Deploying Creative Cloud for teams with Creative Cloud Packager

Deploying Creative Cloud for enterprise with Creative Cloud Packager

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