Molehill (Stage3D) on Mobile

I recently had the opportunity to start playing around with Molehill for mobile (hardware accelerated 3D graphics), and I think it is something that many of you will be very excited about (see video below). Everyone thinks that 3D is just for games, but it’s not… 3D graphics can be used for complex data visualizations, scientific modeling, or a whole host of other subject areas.

I started down the path of creating 3D charts that are capable of rendering on mobile, using the Away3D engine. This is really just exploratory work, and I have it rendering multiple axes with 250 spheres (individual data points), which is about 70K-90K polygons drawn onscreen at any given time. Check out the preview below:

Molehill (Stage3D) on Mobile

This preview is running on a Motorola Atrix, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a prerelease AIR runtime… more devices will coming soon. Source code will be available once molehill for mobile has been released.

Molehill (Stage3D) on Mobile recorded via iPhone

You can see another preview of molehill for mobile here:


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