Video: Adobe Edge Inspect

Here’s a quick video introduction I put together for Adobe Edge Inspect, a *free* tool that enables synchronized browsing and debugging of HTML content between desktop and mobile devices. It’s definitely worth checking out, if you aren’t using it already.

Adobe Edge Inspect enables synchronized browsing across desktop and mobile devices. By pairing your devices with Edge Inspect running on your desktop, any content you view in the desktop browser will be synched to all paired mobile devices.

Synchronized Browsing

Adobe Edge Inspect also enables remote inspection of content running on those mobile devices. This includes on-device debugging capabilities for both DOM & CSS inspection & modification, console logging, and more.

Remote Inpsection

Adobe Edge Inspect also makes it easy for you to track and document visual issues on the remote devices. With just one button click, you can capture screenshots from all connected devices, complete with information about each device (OS, device name, screen resolution, etc…).

Screen Captures

Did I mention Adobe Edge Inspect is also free? It’s part of the free tier of Adobe Creative Cloud.