Flash/Flex/AIR Platform Roadmap 2011

Although there were no official announcements around Flex, Flash & AIR (other than the release of FP11 & AIR3), don’t think that the platform is going away or becoming stale… In fact, it is quite the opposite. The Flash Platform will continue to thrive and innovate, providing outstanding solutions that set the pace for other technologies to follow. In case you missed the session, here is the “Flash Platform Roadmap”, provided by Scott Castle, Adam Lehman, and Raghu Thricovil, Product Managers for Flash Platform tooling:

If that wasn’t enough, did you see the new “Monocle” tool, shown by Deepa Subramaniam? Monocle is the new realtime profiling tool for Flash-based content which will provide additional insight into what’s happening at runtime, and how you can optimize your applications.

Did you also see the latest demos showing the Epic Games & the Unreal engine running INSIDE of the Flash Player?

Yes, this is really the Flash Player. You can read more here.

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